Fascial Fitness Trainer

 FF_TrainerBecome a certified Fascial Fitness Instructor!

This Trainer Course is open to all who have completed a 2-day Fascial Fitness introduction course. This course offers advanced Fascial Fitness practical exercises and emphasizes teaching skills. As a holistic training approach, Fascial Fitness offers an inspiring expansion of well-known and successfully applied sports and movement programs, which focus on prevention, fitness and rehabilitation.


The workshop consists of theory and practice addressing all aspects of Fascial Fitness, including:

1. Theoretical Contents

  • Revision and deepening of the Five Basic FF concepts
  • Teaching the model.
  • Somatic Awareness, somatic senses: the importance of proprioception & interoception
  • New findings from pain research & pain memory
  • Sensory refinement and the ‘pleasure-versus- pain-principle’
  • Fascia as sensory organ: stimulating the mechanoreceptors
  • Contraindications, risk of injury and warnings

2. Practical Contents

  • Revision of the practical application of the basic FF Elements
  • The application of the training principles
  • Individualized assessment & training recommendation
  • Low back stability and strategies for back pain patients
  • Specific application of ‘tools’: weights, kettle bells, roller, balls and chairs
  • Practical minigroups: presentation, evaluation and feedback
  • Exercises for specific interest groups: Pilates, Yoga & other somatic methods

3. Brief Test

Note: Certification for Trainer requires submission of video exercises and an application fee.

Instructor: Divo Mueller

Telelecture by Robert Schleip PhD (Director of Fascia Research Group, Ulm University).

Pre-requisite: Fascial Fitness Intro

Time:  17-18 October 2016.

Location: Sydney, Venue:  1 Roma Ave, Kensington NSW 2033

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