Fascial Fitness


Fascia is a biological fabric that surrounds every structure in the body and invests most of them. It comprises of several layers, from the superficial layer which is just below the skin, deep connective tissue membrane which surrounds muscles and bones, and the visceral fascia that suspends organ are within their cavities.  It consists of fibrous collagen and soft living tissue, including ligaments, tendons and joint capsules. Our fascial body suit adapts to the pressure that are placed on the body. By “moving” the fascia dynamically, it remodels the collagen network, which in turn moulds to the body and gives the body suit tone. And more importantly, there are at least 6 times as many sensory receptors in our fascial tissues than in the muscles.

While the importance of fascia is often discussed, the latest insights of fascia research have never been specifically put into practice.  Renowned fascial scientist and bodyworker, Dr. Robert Schleip and Divo Muller worked together with sports experts and movement therapists developed Fascial Fitness as a revolutionary system for promoting a more resilient connective tissue network through specific conditioning exercises.

Fascial Fitness applies a variety of training techniques to remodel fascia and stimulate its proprioception. Fascial training is useful for everyone as training your fascia prevents pain and strain, keeps the body in shape, and sharpens coordination of detailed movements. It can be adapted to suit individual’s capability and complement all other training, movement and rehabilitation programs.

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