Month: January 2015

To Roll or Not to Roll?

Foam rolling or also called self myofascial release is getting popular in fitness, exercise therapy and manual therapies. It is claimed to be an effective complement to massage, trigger point treatments, and also for stretching & increasing ROM. As many would then say “More research is needed to know its effects.” There are several skeptics

Fascia Science Made Simple and Applicable to your Practice

Fascia Science Made Simple and Applicable to your Practice By Bethany Ward In recent years, we’ve gotten really excited as serious scientists and academics have caught our enthusiasm for connective tissues. Every three years, clinicians like you and me gather with pre-eminent fascia scientists at the International Fascia Research Congress, to share our insights and further

Fascia as an organ of Communication 

Fascia as an organ of Communication by Robert Schleip More than twenty years ago, I was involved in a dispute between instructors of the Feldenkrais Method of somatic education and teachers of the Rolfing Method of Structural Integration. Advocates of the second group had claimed that many postural restrictions are due to pure mechanical adhesions and

Fascial Fitness

Fascial Fitness is a new approach for fostering a remodeling of more resilient (stronger & more elastic) collagen tissue network through adequately tailored exercises. It is a unique training program for the development of supple, flexible and strong connective tissue! Fascial Fitness translates the current insights of fascial research into a practical training program that stimulates the remodelling