Month: February 2017

Spanish Squat Exercise

This exercise is designed to reduce patellar tendon pain and should be done daily as shown below. Position belt around a sturdy pillar. The belt is long so any size pillar/pole may be used. Just wrap the belt as many times around pillar as needed so that when you step one leg inside each loop,

Isometrics for Tendon Pain – Practical implementation and considerations

Isometrics for Tendon Pain – Practical implementation and considerations By Ebonie Rio, Craig Purdam, Sean Docking & Jill Cook   Tendinopathy, pain and dysfunction in the tendon, can be difficult to treat.  Traditionally eccentric exercise has been used in the rehabilitation of tendinopathy and has been shown to be superior to concentric only and passive

ITB: Empirical evidence is the reality—Robert Baker

First, I want to say – great questions and comments. It really is confusing when you have such well-done studies like Falvey et al. that present good information that the ITB stretches minimally in cadavers. My response is that the clinician gets to choose what works and what does not work. The empirical evidence is

Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) is a common overuse injury common with runners and cyclists, especially when their training levels have recently intensified. It was reported as the second most common running injury and most common reason for lateral knee pain in runners. ITBS can also be associated with court sports, strength training (especially from weight-bearing squats), and even