Month: August 2016

Fascia, the sensitive network in our bodies

Robert Schleip talks more about fascia and fascial fitness Why fascia is currently such a hot topic? The connective tissue has been underestimated for decades, we prefer to speak of the liver and not of the sheath surrounding the liver. The breakthrough for the fascia came in 2007 when the first Fascial Research Congress was held at the Harvard Medical

The Underestimated Connective Tissue

Recently, more research focus  has been put on the decades-long neglected  fascia. This fibrous connective tissue keeps the body in shape – but also is a potential source of pain. Dr. Robert Schleip said: “fascia were previously underestimated. It shapes the body, otherwise, it would fall apart. Fascia keeps everything together. Whether an upper arm is tight

Robert Schleip talks about Fascial Fitness

Robert Schleip: “.. Fascia is a sensory organ, if the fascia is in shape, I feel in my body is at home, if they are stuck together, I feel uneasy .” Q: What is the most fascianating recent news from the world of the fascia research? Robert Schleip: A recent study from Finland involved 20 physically active