Fascial Fitness Intro

The workshop consists of theory and practice addressing all aspects of Fascial Fitness, including:

1. Elastic Rebound
• Storage capacity and the catapult effect
• Pretension and preparatory counter movement
• Fascial components: soft elastic and dynamic bounces

2 Myofascial stretches
• Force transmission, tensegrity model, myofascial trains
• Long chain versus short chain
• Melting stretches and power stretches

3 Release and Hydration
• Fascia & extracellular matrix, viscoelasticity of the tissues
• Indications: rehydration intervals, change of impact and rest
• Connective tissue and water: adaptability and fluid dynamics

4 Fascia as a sensory organ
• Sensory receptors in fascia
• Proprioception: pleasure versus pain
• Micromovements: developing elegance
• Somatic mindfulness

5 Cellular Remodeling
• Indications: intensity & frequency
• Matrix Remodeling: changes and long term effects
• Metabolic and biochemical factors

Date:  15-16 October 2016. 9 am—5 pm every day

Location: Sydney, Venue:  TBA

Instructor: Divo Muller

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