Month: March 2018

Does Text Neck Exist?

“Text neck” is defined as neck pain caused by the flexed/forward head posture during texting (or reading) on a smart phone. Following are some statements that ostensibly seem to refute the existence of text neck. My Soapbox Speech Comments… When Terra Rosa in Australia asked me if I would like to address this article, I

Ten Things to Avoid if You Have Lower Limb Tendon Pain

Tendon pain and dysfunction are the presenting clinical features of tendinopathy. Research has shown that treatment should be active (e.g., exercise-based), and an ongoing rehabilitation program is required. Dr. Jill Cook from La Trobe University shared in an editorial published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine: 10 things to avoid if you have lower

Previous injuries increase risk of leg injury

An individual who had a leg injury in the past can have an increased risk of experiencing the same injury again in the future. And often, this recurring injury is worse than the first. However, could an injury from one part of the body increase the risk of injury to a different part of the

Fibres of the myodural bridge

The myodural bridge (MDB) is a fibrous network of connective tissue between the suboccipital musculature and cervical spinal dura mater in the atlanto-occipital and/or atlanto-axial interspaces. It was first described in 1995 from human cadavers by Hack et al. as a dense band of tissue connecting the rectus capitis posterior minor and the posterior atlanto-occipital

What Makes Kenyan Distance Runners the World’s Best?

Kenyan distance runners are known to have exceptionally high endurance for distance running and their performances are well recognized in major global events. Their unique capability has attracted several studies trying to find out possible factors associated with their elite performance. Some of these studies have tried to find a unique genetic make-up or physiology