Fascial Toning

ff_toneFascial training to tonify connective tissues

Fascia, the three dimensional body-wide network of muscular connective tissues, is the organ of movement, structure and form. A well-toned  body is not only due to its muscular architecture but  is also strongly influenced by the resilience of the collagenous fibres within and around the muscles. If these collagenous tissues are strong and set in a healthy lattice-like arrangement, then our muscles can be lean, strong  and  show a clear definition. The opposite is also true: if the fascial wrapping around the thigh for example is weak and wobbly, then the thigh loses tonus and is prone to developing cellulites.  Therefore, in order to maintain and gain a beautiful, well-defined body shape, we need to focus on a specific fascia-oriented  training that strengthens and tonifies the collagenous fibers.

Good news for those with soft and weak connective tissues, women suffering from cellulite, hypermobiles and  for all better agers: Divo Müller in collaboration with Robert Schleip PhD has developed a specific training called Fascial Toning. Here the seven most essential fascial chains are toned and strengthened optimally in a whole-body workout.

Each chain is trained in a series of exercises according to these four power principles: > sensory refinement > rebound elasticity  > muscular toning > fluid rehydration

You can look forward to its benefits like a beautiful body shape with lean and well-defined muscles.

Healthy joints are protected by a strong three dimensional fascial network. Subtle and elegant movements, as well as a powerful elasticity and youthful vitality.

Topics that will be covered in theory and practice

  • What is fascia? Functional terminology and anatomy of the  muscular connective tissues
  • Actual findings of fascia research and it’s meaning for movement, stability and healthy tonicity
  • Significance of the collagenous fascial network around and inside of the muscle (epimysium and permysium) to foster a vital and healthy tonus.
  • Healthy tissue architecture and youthful elasticity
  • Differences in tissue stiffness due to genetic factors. Temple dancer versus Viking Type
  • Hormones and other endocrine factors that influence the fascial tissues, fibrosis and densification.
  • How to train your connective tissue network optimally to build a stronger fascia over time?
  • Rehydration and regeneration: application of tools like rollers, balls and suction cups.
  • Cellular remodeling and training recommendations
  • The significance of fluid dynamics in youthful, healthy fascia
  • Seven fascial chains, the tensegrity model and force transmission
  • The four power principles applied to each fascial chain in the practical exercises
  • Masterclasses and training in a flow, including an Anti Celullite Special.

Divo Müller is a pioneer in innovative movement programs, author of several books, numerous articles and DVDs. As a core member of an international group of sport scientists, fitness coaches and movement therapists, around the Fascia Research Group Germany, and Robert Schleip PhD, she translates the new findings of fascia research into a specific training for the connective tissue called  Fascial Fitness. Her latest creation is  a specific training to tonify fascia, called Fascial Toning. As a highly respected presenter Divo expanded the reach of FF all over Europe, as well as in the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.


22-23 October 2016

Location: Sydney, Venue: 1 Roma Ave, Kensington NSW 2033
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